Badadroid roms

[ROM] CM10 Jelly Bean v0.32 for WAVE 1&2 with Optional Performance Addons

badadroidv032   11

Credits For Work

Volk204:  He has put in lots of effort to make the modem functional(Its not quite upto the mark but its getting there sooner).So he gets a great cheer for fixing the modem part which was the main problem for the past 2.5 years.   READ MORE

[ROM] CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1 for (Wave 1&2)

[ROM] CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1 for (Wave 1&2)

CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1 which fixes almost all issues with Badadroid on Wave 1 and Wave 2. This update has many fixes and most of them are focused on fixing Network, Mobile Data, SMS etc. All credits for the development of this Rom and constan updates for Wave devices go to Volk204, Rebellos, Tigrouzen and many other Devs who made this project successful.   READ MORE