Badadroid roms

ZenDroKat(CM11) Rom v2 for Wave I & II with Kernel Update & More Ram

cm11 v2.0

Credits:- All the credits of this ROM development go to Tigourzen and to Taxidriver05 for the detailed installation instructions. All we wave owners owe him a lot , so try and appreciate Tigourzen’s work.  READ MORE

ZenDroKat(CM11) Rom v1.1 for Wave I & II With video installation tutorial


All thanks to Tigrouzen we are having the Taste of KitKat on our phones he is doing that all for the Badadroid community. So if you  READ MORE

[ROM][WIP] CM10.2 Badadroid v3

droidCheers to the developers because we are not left out after Samsung abandoned Wave users. The Badadriod project is still keeping the hopes alive for us. So now there has been a new version of Badadroid has been released by Volk204.  READ MORE