Badadroid roms

Zendrokat v2.3 Badadroid Rom Update


Latest Update of the amazing Zendrokat Badadroid ROM for Wave 1 & 2 has been released by our brainy XDA developer Tigourzen.  READ MORE

[ROM][WIP] CM11 Badadroid v4 For WAVE 1&2

CM11 v4

So once again it’s time to upgrade the Badadroid OS on your Wave phones with the latest Cyanogen Mod release, which will now eventually evolve into a 100% stable Android OS for Bada Users.  READ MORE

[Rom] ZenDroKat v2.2 For WAVE 1&2

Zendrokrat v2.2

Latest Zendrokat ROM update available for Samsung Wave 1 and 2 users i.e Zendrokat v2.2 alpha version is now available with new features and some bug fixes.  READ MORE