[ROM] UPDATE Android 4.4 Kitkat for Wave 1&2 by Tigrouzen



All credits for the development of this Rom for Wave devices goes Tigrouzen our well known xda developer


1. Flash the Bootfiles + Fota

2. Copy zimage, clockworkmod folder and the DVM patch.zip for your respective wave(i.e WAVE1or2) to root of the SD card

3. But before this make sure that your SD card Formatted and partitioned

4. Go to the Recovery mode by pressing Call End + Menu

5. Now from the main menu select Wipe data / factory reset to perform a clean install

6. If this cause problems under “Mounts & Storage”, select “format / system” & “format / data”.

7. Then from the main menu, select “Backup & Restore” from and then “Restore from / storage/sdcard0″.

8. There should be a backup named “2013-11-17. 19 13.22_aosp_wave-userdebug_4.4_K …” (Name may vary slightly!). This might take some time

9. If during the restore an error is displayed, it must be selected restore from the “Advanced Restore from / storage/sdcard0″. There the individual elements are restored. (Here, the cache does not restore).

10. Now go back to the main menu and select the “Install Zip” and “Choose zip from / storage/sdcard0″ to install the patch. Here you must now search for the file “dvmpatch.zip” and confirm. The following query must be confirmed with “Yes”. After the patch is installed, go to main menu

11. Now reboot the system and enjoy your KITKAT.(the first boot takes some time)

Known bugs:

  • Network indicator shows poor signal strength mostly
  • Automatic flight mode after startup if WLAN is active at startup
  • System can freeze up unexpectedly, which requires a reboot
  • Apps can sometimes work incorrectly
  • GPS location determination does not work
  • Occasional lockscreen bugs on Samsung Wave II
  • occasionally high battery charge level indication


KitKat ALPHA Aosp V2 Rom+KernelV7.2 Wave I & II ROM

Updated Kernel v7.8(previous version was 7.2)

3G + Bluetooth + Wi-Fi + DVM patch (Wave II)

3G+DVM-Patch (Wave I)


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  1. amin
    December 21, 2013 @ 3:21 pm

    the first link is incorrect
    I’m beginner. how I can flash files and go to recovery mode?


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